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Which Programs You May Qualify For

The IRS tax code is over 100,000+ pages long, and has more programs than you can count. You don’t have time for that. We can help you navigate the waters, and only apply for the programs that can save you the most money, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How Much You Will Have to Pay

We will have to go through a quick detailed financial assessment to see what programs yo can qualify for, but we routinely have clients legally get out of paying up to 90% - 95% of their tax debts. Imagine if you could only pay $5 when you owe $100?

Exactly What You Should Do Next

The longer you wait, the more interest and penalties that the IRS will tack on to the amount you owe. You need to know exactly what steps to take right now, and start down the path to freedom, before your situation becomes any worse. We can guide you along.

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Here's How the Process Works:

Free Initial Consultation and Financial Analysis

15 Minutes - We will go through your entire financial situation, step-by-step and see what programs you qualify for, determine how we can help, and answer any questions that you may have.


Research & Investigation

4-7 Days - Using the Power of Attorney, we will work with the IRS to determine what evidence they have against you (without disclosing anything), so we can create a plan of attack.


Fight for the Best Resolution

1-3 Months - After learning exactly what they have against you, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, removing all the penalties we can, and fighting for a great settlement for you.



Forever - Once your tax burdens have been lifted, you can go on living your life again! You will finally be free of the burdens chasing you, and can start fresh with no tax debt!

Risk Free, 30-Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee

Risk Free, 30-Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee

We believe that our work should stand for itself. That is why we offer a No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee of all our services. If you aren't satisfied with how our staff handled your case, or our service, just ask and we will give you a full refund of your fees.

14 Day Free Trial

Try Our Top-Rated Service for FREE for a Full 14 Days!

For a limited time only, we are offering limited spots in a 14 Day Free Trial of all our tax relief services. That means that you won't pay a cent for a full 14 days while we work on your case. What other firm stands behind their service enough to let you try it before you buy?

Can I Negotiate my Tax Debt?

Yes, you can negotiate your tax debt with the IRS. It might be simpler to reach a deal to settle your debt for under the full balance via an Offer in Compromise if you owe a tax debt to the federal government. The Internal Revenue Service may refuse to accept an Offer In Compromise if it believes the taxpayer has other assets. Nor will the OIC probably be accepted in the event the taxpayer transferred assets into the name of someone else, as soon as they convicted the taxpayer of fraud or if it'd be against public policy such as settling a tax debt. Our El Paso team can determine if you qualify.

How can I appeal a letter or notice sent from the IRS?

Should you've been audited and you differ with the outcome, you've got the right. In addition, you could also file an income tax appeal in response to a tax lien, a a penalty, a rejection of an offer in compromise, a tax levy, or in case you otherwise disagree with a tax liability alteration made by the Internal Revenue Service. If you received an Assessment Report from the IRS, write a protest letter, sign it, and mail it to the IRS before the deadline listed in the Report. Supply an entire explanation and attach documents that are related to your protest.

How can I get relief from my tax debts?

The Internal Revenue Service is in the work of collecting money and therefore provides several means for taxpayers to settle their debts. You need to be proactive about resolving tax problems, although it's likely to set your tax debt behind you once and for all - doing nothing will simply make things worse. If needed, you may seek the help of an 'enrolled agent' who's trained to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Our El Paso tax professionals are experienced at setting up IRS Payment strategies as well as Offers in Compromise, and will ensure you enter a plan you can manage.

Can tax debt be forgiven?

Yes, tax debt can be forgiven for those who qualify for the plan. But it is not quite as simple as it sounds. Most tax debts can't be wiped out in bankruptcy and in this case, you'll continue to owe them at the ending of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, or you will have to refund them in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment strategy. Therefore, should you need to discharge tax debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will probably be the better option, but only if your debts qualify for discharge and you are not ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which entails the Bankruptcy Qualification Rules.

How is a bank levy calculated in Texas?

When the levy is on a bank account, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provides a 21-day waiting period for complying with the levy. The waiting period is designed to allow you time arrange notify the IRS of errors in the levy or to pay the tax and to get hold of the IRS. Generally, IRS levies are delivered via the post in El Paso. The date and time of delivery of the levy is the time when the levy is thought to have been made. In case of a bank levy, funds in the account are frozen as of the date and time the levy is received.

How can I get a tax lien removed from my account and TX property?

IRS tax liens become not legally enforceable when the group window closes. The IRS will no longer have a valid lien on your own property, including your house after the collection statute of limitations expires. After the IRS cannot collect from you, they'll make an internal adjustment to their books and credit your account for the quantity of unpaid taxes, interest and penalties. IRS account transcripts may be obtained verifying that you no longer owe them - they'll contain a line entry along the lines of 'Time Frame To Collect Expired' and a resulting zero balance.

Can I negotiate an Offer in Compromise agreement during bankruptcy proceedings?

Yes, you can negotiate an Offer in Compromise agreement during bankruptcy proceedings. You can request what's referred to as 'uncollectible standing.'' This really is the process the IRS uses to immobilize the group account. The bureau seizes any efforts to apply collection to be able to give you time to get back on your own feet financially. The IRS normally approves an offer in compromise when the amount represents the most they are able to expect to accumulate within a reasonable period of time. Therefore, the Offer in Compromise program isn't for everybody.

Do I really need to hire a tax relief firm in TX ?

Yes, you may want to hire a El Paso tax aid firm. Your business can communicate with the Internal Revenue Service for your benefit, be present during your audit and help if necessary, negotiate a settlement. Having seasoned legal counsel helps ensure that you do not overpay as a result of your audit. In some instances, taxpayers ignore letters and warnings from the IRS because they are scared or don't understand how to react. If you learn that you're the goal of an IRS criminal investigation, youwill need to hire a tax relief business in or around El Paso and do it fast.

How does a wage garnishment affect my credit score?

A wage garnishment, which results after a court order says a lender, can obtain cash by going through the borrower's employer a borrower owes, will not show up on your credit report and consequently, will not affect your credit score. Garnishments don't possess a direct effect in your credit scores since they placed on credit files and are not picked up by the credit agencies. But that doesn't mean it won't send up a red flag to lenders that you shouldn't qualify for a loan and can't pay back your debts.

Who can qualify for getting their tax debt reduced?

You need to be current with all filing and payment requirements, before the IRS can consider reducing your tax debt. You're not eligible if you're in an open bankruptcy proceeding. You may make use of the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier to verify your qualification and prepare a preliminary proposal. When submitting your offer, you'll discover step by step directions and all of the forms for submitting an offer in the Offer in Compromise Booklet, Form 656-B. If you meet the Low Income Certification guidelines, you do not need to send the application fee or the first payment and you also will not have to make monthly payments during the evaluation of your offer.

Finally a way for you to get the relief you need from back tax debt problems. Our El Paso experts are awaiting your call to walk through your situation now.

El Paso

For years, our crew of pros in El Paso have been helping folks in the great state of Texas get the relief they require from IRS back tax debt once and for all.

Here are a few ways we can help people in or around El Paso finally be free:

We can help turn that mountain of tax debt you have built up into a small fraction of the size.

At our El Paso tax firm, we take the pride in greatly reducing our clients’ tax debts given our wide expertise in this discipline of helping they. We’ve helped organizations, small businesses, corporations and individual tax payers in debt negotiation and resolution.

Our Goals

Our aim is to leave you with realistic expectations as to probable outcomes and offering you a clear understanding of the process for solving or lowering your tax debt. Also, it is made by us upon our most significant task to negotiate the cheapest possible IRS payment amount utilizing the strategy that is most favorable permitted by the law. We will take you get through the tax relief options that are available before you hire us.

Your Satisfaction

We’ve really been able to attain high client satisfaction, thanks to the ethical and fair approach that we take towards tax problem resolution.

We’re prepared to assist you in reducing your tax debt to the lowest amount possible in the event you are fighting with a legal problem related to taxes or in the event you’re thinking about how you are going to reduce your tax debt. Our extensive experience with tax law permits us to represent you with competence, ardor and practicality.

The best thing you can have in times of trouble is an experienced firm around El Paso, with years of constant dealing and fighting with the government.

At our El Paso law firm, we provide seasoned tax representation to our Texas customers. We realize that sometimes, preparing your own tax return may be confusing, frustrating, and expensive given the fact that credits and cash-saving deductions can be easily overlooked as constantly-changing tax laws can perplex so much as the most informed citizen.

As seasoned tax professionals, we can help you save cash, stress and time.

We will correctly prepare your return to take advantage of all of the credits and deductions to which you’re entitled since the tax laws are known by our tax lawyers and always study changes in tax policy to have a better comprehension of the way the changes may affect you.

Moreover, we’ve assembled much expertise in our practice representing various clients with a variety of tax problems. We’ll always stand by your side guiding you through the whole process to identify the way your tax return was prepared since we understand the tax codes for the USA and the state of Texas.

Knowledge to Help You

We’ve got the relevant wisdom and experience to supply our clients with experienced and complete representation before the local taxing authorities in El Paso, the state of Texas as well as the IRS, if the need arises. Hence, in the event you’re facing any tax problems, we’ll be happy to assist.

Finally stopping the IRS from garnishing your wages, so you can continue to pay your bills.

If you have failed to file your back taxes for several years, then chances are the IRS has taken action with a wage garnishment of your wages / salary.

Often times, when one is in this sort of scenario, legal right is given to the debt collector and they are able to decide whether to have some part of your wages garnished from pay check or your bank account directly.

Maximum Percent You Can Be Garnished

The maximum percentage of the sum which can be withdrawn from your account is dependent upon various Texas state laws on wage garnishment. But more than likely, this garnishment will put a hamper on your cash flow, and can make paying your statements considerably more difficult.

Our El Paso firm has highly experienced attorneys that specialize in helping our customers remove wage garnishments or claim for damages wherever your paycheck has been garnished. It is very vital that you consult one of our law firm’s garnishment attorneys, found right in El Paso, on the best way to handle your wage garnishment dilemma, to assist you and be at a safer position.

In most cases, the debtor gets the right before approaching their company, to be notified about the wage garnishment.

Therefore, if by any chance they decide to pursue this type of debt collection, the creditors have to follow a particular protocol. The great news is that our lawyers have the experience that is necessary to assist you prevent the garnishment of your wages that are present. We will be able to help you become free of these fiscal burdens, as you seek to get your own life back on the right track.

Our Experience Can Remove Garnishments Fast

We’re exceptionally familiarized with the craze in debt collection laws in Texas, and we can channel this knowledge towards helping you process all claims and notices in compliance with national and Texas laws. As your income gets reduced by the debt collector, we understand the pain that you face. For this reason, you need to give us a call before the time that your wage garnishment issue gets out of control.

Becoming compliant with the IRS is the best initial way of fixing your tax problems, and our Texas experts are ready to help you file your un-filed returns.

Our Texas tax lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to recreate your previous tax returns for multiple years in a short time, not weeks or months.

Many of our El Paso customers have had complicated situations needing many payroll tax forms and we’ve been able to attend to all their unfiled tax returns within a couple of days. You must take note the government likes to make use of scare tactics so as to make their unfiled tax returns file.

Our Focus

Our focus would be to have your un-filed tax returns prepared and filed right as soon as possible. Our CPAs and tax professionals in El Paso will ensure that you get tax write-offs and the most relief possible from your returns.

Here is the principal reason why we encourage you to consult with us and we will derive your tax history from the Internal Revenue Service to determine what income was reported on your behalf.

Merely by re-filing your previous returns, you can drastically decrease the sum you owe immediately.

Our El Paso experts can help you negotiate an Installment Agreement with the IRS or Texas that you can afford

In scenarios whereby you’re not financially able to pay your tax liability in full, you can always go for an Installment Agreement.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of individuals who are not yet familiarized with the techniques involved in going about an installment agreement. You’ll consistently be asked to pay your IA instantly and this may contain interest and fees. Thus, we would urge you to consult with an experienced El Paso attorney to help you on how you can manage your Installment Agreement immediately and efficiently. Without skilled help, you can fall victim to the IRS making you pay the maximum amount possible each month.

You Need an Expert

An expert business in Texas can make sure you monthly payments are ones you can in fact afford.

You desire our help because until your balance is paid in full, the Internal Revenue Service may go as far as filing a lien to protect the interest of the State of Texas. This really is dangerous as your credit report may affect negatively and this might be detrimental to your future. It truly is a critical issue as you can’t afford to manage your tax debt issue alone.

The truth, when most of us shy away from is that the IRS might occasionally be more than willing to begin a dialogue regarding your tax debt with a lawyer as an alternative to meeting with the actual individual who owes tax debt to Texas. It’s possible for you to get in touch with our El Paso law firm now to organize for an initial consultation with one of our highly seasoned attorneys.


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